Terrified Sandy Hook Students Prepare Return to School On Jan. 3

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Less than a month after the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, students reluctantly prepare to resume classes on Jan. 3 in the repurposed Chalk Hill Middle School in a nearby town. Counselors are available on site to help the terrified children get back to ‘normal.’

Sandy Hook Elementary School students have not been in class since Dec. 16, when Adam Lanza tragically shot up the school with a deadly rein of bullets that killed 27 people. Now, students in grades K-4 are preparing to go back to school on Jan. 3 — and faculty and administrators are focused on making the students feel as back to normal as possible.

Just three weeks after the shooting tragedy in Newtown, Conn., nearby town Monroe is welcoming Sandy Hook students into their repurposed Chalk Hill Middle School.

The students’ desks have been taken to the new school, along with their backpacks and other belongings that were left
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