'The Muppets' Helmer James Bobin To Direct Period Musical 'Tribyville'

After proving he could successfully helm and help revive a beloved franchise in "The Muppets," it looks like James Bobin will be getting an opportunity to direct yet another musical. This time, it will be from a script he wrote himself. The Wrap reports that Bobin will be directing period musical “Tribyville,” a script that is in the process of being acquired by Disney from Will Ferrell and Adam Mckay’s Gary Sanchez Productions. While the last thing we’d all expect to hear is a possible Gary Sanchez/Disney co-production, considering their previous credits include Ferrell's many comedies and raunchy fare like "Bachelorette," "The Campaign," and "The Virginity Hit," details about “Tribyville” have been kept under wraps. It's another addition to a busy slate for Bobin. He starts production very soon on “The Muppets” sequel, and over the summer he signed on for the live-action...
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