Jews on Broadway: You know, it's not just 'Fiddler on the Roof'

If one didn't know the melodies, the connections would not necessarily be made."Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy," airing on PBS' "Great Performances" Tuesday, Jan. 1 (check local listings), shows the very strong link between Jewish music and the sometimes mournful, sometimes joyful tunes that have dominated the Great White Way from the beginning.

"This isn't really a Jewish story," the filmmaker, Michael Kantor -- who also made the Emmy-winning "Broadway: The American Musical" -- tells Zap2it. "It is Jewish in the sense that [it] is exploring this phenomenon of this handful of writers, but they created an American art form. Only a few art forms are considered uniquely American -- jazz, abstract expressionism and the Broadway musical. So anything that deals with how these art forms came about deals with who we are as a nation.

"The Broadway musical is an amalgam of lots of different things," Kantor continues. "It is also incredibly entertaining.
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