The best comedy TV episodes of 2012: 'New Girl,' 'Chuck' and 'Community'

2012 was a good year for comedy.

The explosion of sitcoms over the past couple of years made it virtually impossible to narrow down the very best of the best, even if it I ignored the hilarity of shows like "Parks and Recreation," "Raising Hope" and "The Neighbors." (Yes, "The Neighbors." It's way funnier than people have told you.)

Still, there were three episodes -- from "New Girl," "Chuck" and "Community" -- that really stood out from the sea of funny in this past year.

"New Girl": "Eggs"

There aren't many comedies that speak to thirty-something singles.

While I do find many comedies hilarious, it's tough to identify with slackers in their 20s or married couples joking their way into middle age. This isn't the case with "New Girl." As a single, not-so-young-anymore woman who hasn't totally grown up yet, I recognize these people.

That's why I completely identified with
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