Can CinemaScore And Rotten Tomatoes Help In Predicting Oscars?

By Joey Magidson

Film Contributor


As an Oscar prognosticator, I look to try and find any advantageous information or tools that I can muster. When one is in the business of making professional educated guesses, that’s kind of a no-brainer, but with Oscar predictions it’s even more important to use any and all sources at your disposal.

Two such resources are the websites CinemaScore and Rotten Tomatoes. The former is a service that measures the appeal of a movie among paying audiences. The site claims to have been polling moviegoers at major new releases on opening night to gather demographic information and calculate a CinemaScore grade (A+ all the way to F) for over 34 years.

The latter is the more well known site and functions as many things but mainly as a film review aggregator. All films are labeled either “Fresh” or “Rotten” depending on how major critics scored the movies.
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