The best drama TV episodes of 2012: 'Fringe,' 'Castle' and 'Suits'

Let's just get one thing out of the way at the beginning of this list of the best drama episodes of 2012: I am not a sophisticated TV watcher. Sure, sometimes I watch the intellectual brilliance of shows like "Mad Men." But entertainment trumps art for me. Thus, I present three TV episodes that only strain the brain just a little.

"Fringe" -- "Letters of Transit"

As a very, very picky viewer of sci-fi as a genre, the fact that I've watched "Fringe" from beginning to soon-to-come ending should say something about how much I like the show. And season 4's "Letters of Transit" is my favorite episode of "Fringe." Ever.

The concept of this episode is as simple as it is bizarre. In the dystopian world of 2036, humans have been conquered by a race of bald, semi-human Observers from the distant future. A few rebels -- including Etta (Georgina Haig
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