What are they worth?

We often see lists telling us who Hollywood's biggest earners are, but f you were investing in a film, who should you look to for value for money? Natalie Portman tops that list according to Forbes, just beating Twilight star Kristen Stewart and with the latter's co-star Robert Pattinson at number four. Shia Laboeuf is at number three and Daniel Radcliffe at number five.

The list is made up of young actors because, as in other industries, salaries tend to rise as stars demonstrate staying power. Women have a slight advantage because they still earn less than men - an average of $12,000 less per film - though the gender pay gap has been narrowing as higher salaries have been cut more during the recession. But although Portman and Stewart have proven a good investment, insiders report that it remains difficult to get a major studio to back a film...
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