Safety Not Guaranteed – review

This first feature by San Francisco-based director Colin Trevorrow is very much a whimsical product of both the Sundance Institute's brand of independent cinema and the rambling, low-budget movie genre known as mumblecore. The latter features characters who live in the interstices of society and are as talkative as they are inactive, and the term was coined in the earlier years of this century by Eric Masunaga, a sound editor who works in this area. One of the leading roles in Safety Not Guaranteed is played by the writer-director Mark Duplass, who with his brother, Jay, pioneered mumblecore, most notably in their picture The Puffy Chair, the shaggy dog tale of a search around the American south for an old lounge chair to be given as a birthday present to their father. They went on to make Jeff Who Lives at Home, which featured the familiar faces of Jason Segel,
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