The year of the dumb blockbuster

Just how daft were the plots of the year's biggest films? Plus, Prometheus: a scientist tries to explain it

If there's one thing the blockbuster merchants realised in 2012, it's that movies don't really have to make sense any more. And no one will notice so long as you take yourself very, very seriously. In fact, the more serious and illogical movies got, the better they went down. Exhibit A: Skyfall. It was presented as a Bond movie for grown-ups: Death! Character! Psychology! MILFs! But think about Javier Bardem's unfeasibly cunning plan. He must have basically worked out everything in advance: that Bond would kill that Shanghai assassin, which would lead him to Macau, where he'd be seduced by a disposable love interest, who'd lead him to Bardem's secret baddie island, where Bond would overpower him, bring him back to London, get Q to feed his deadly computer virus into the system,
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