Walton Goggins Talks Replacing Kurt Russell In ‘Django Unchained’ & Tarantino’s Longer Cut Of The Film

When “Justified” actor Walton Goggins originally signed on for Quentin Tarantino’s antebellum slave drama “Django Unchained” he had a small part as a plantation thug, Billy Crash, who worked under Leonardo DiCaprio’s scene-chewing villain in the movie. But fortune smiled on him during production. Kurt Russell was cast as a Mandingo trainer named Ace Woody, that served as villain Calvin Candie (DiCaprio)'s right hand man. Well, Russell left the project for undisclosed reasons and then Tarantino did Goggins a favor, and folded the Ace Woody part into the Billy Crash character giving the actor a much larger role. “It was unbelievable, man” Goggins said in an interview with The Playlist, confirming the character mash-up decision Tarantino made. “I’ve been around a long time and have had a lot of breaks in my life. And more often than not, those breaks have come through the back door and this one was no.
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