First (And Hopefully Last) Look At The Marine 3 From WWE Films

Here’s our first look at The Marine 3 from WWE Films, starring The Miz.

We at Thn clearly love films. But like Doris Day, some of us harbor a secret love, namely pro-wrestling. Even more secret would be our enjoyment of movies Starring wrestlers. Truly terrible films. Once in a blue moon you get someone like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, a breakout star who left the spandex-clad world of rasslin’ to thrive in Hollywood. But most of the time, films starring wrestlers stink more than their tights at the end of a long week (At some point, we really must do a detailed examination of these hilarious anomolies). A good example would be The Marine franchise, a series of bloody awful flicks produced by WWE’s film wing, starring their own grapplers. The first one had John Cena, a Huge star and face of the company who enjoyed minor success in cinemas.
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