Cynthia Jorge: Restaurant manager is Tom Cruise's new woman - report

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Has Tom Cruise found a new woman? According to new reports he has, though some remain dubious that the rumored couple has even met. New York City restaurant manager Cynthia Jorge is reportedly the latest woman to catch Cruise's eye after a source says she slipped him her card when he was eating at her restaurant, Beauty & Essex.

An insider for In Touch claims that the two were seen at Le Baron nightclub not long after Jorge gave Cruise her number, and that the "Mission: Impossible" star was "mesmerized" by his date. The two danced at the club and apparently did the salsa before things got a bit more hot and heavy.

"At one point, they began grinding together," the eyewitness says. "It was straight out of Dirty Dancing. Tom seemed to be in his own world, completely smitten."

The story allegedly ends when Cruise sent Jorge home in a private car,
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