Top 50 Iconic TV Characters of the 90s

Have your attention yet? If the picture above doesn’t grab it then nothing will. I’ve compiled a list of the Top 50 TV characters of the 90s. Grant you this list may be a little bias but hey, it’s my list! Being born in 85′ has given me the privilege to watch a wide variety of shows, the 90s being the bread and butter of them all. Now I didn’t get to watch everything in the 90′s but every character on this list is one that I think you’ll appreciate, and hopefully it’ll remind you of some good memories along the way. Whether it be because they were cool, goofy, nerdy, beautiful, or a dumb ass, this list has it all.

Pictured above is one of my child hood crushes (and yours) Topanga Lawrence. Of course she made the list but there’s a lot of characters that didn’t.
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