DVD Release: Small Apartments

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: Feb., 19, 2013

Price: DVD $22.98

Studio: Sony

Matt Lucas ponders a drink--and his dead landlord--in Small Apartments.

Matt Lucas, who was so awesome in TV’s Little Britain, just as he was weird in Bridesmaids, appears in his first leading role in the 2012 comedy Small Apartments.

Lucas is Franklin Franklin, a clumsy recluse who embarks on a hapless cover-up after accidentally killing his landlord. Trapped in his seedy La apartment with the body of the landlord on the kitchen floor, Franklin is surrounded by eccentric neighbors, including a stoner (Johnny Knoxville, Jackass: The Movie) and his girlfriend (Rebel Wilson, Pitch Perfect), a wanna-be stripper (Juno Temple, Killer Joe) and an artist (James Caan, The Gambler). To add to his problems, a drunk investigator (Billy Crystal, When Harry Met Sally) is questioning him about his landlord. But none of this fazes Franklin as he dreams of Switzerland, and waits
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