S&A Top 10 Posts Of 2012 - #10: 'A Cinematographer’s Plea to the Budding Film Auteur : Move Your Camera'

Starting today, I'll begin counting down the top 10 S&A posts of 2012, considering a number of factors, like number of comments, Facebook "likes," Facebook "shares," Twitter retweets, page views, and more. In some cases, it may not be a single post, but instead a topic that drew lots of all of the above, whenever it was mentioned on this site. For example, I can tell you right now that, no surprise, one of the top S&A items of the year was Zoe Saldana starring as Nina Simone in the upcoming film loosely-based on Nina's life. There wasn't just a single post on the subject, but several, and each was heavily commented on, shared on Facebook,...
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