Morning Meme: Gareth Thomas Talks About Coming Out To His Father, Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Angry About "Scary Movie 5" Trailer, and Leno Helps a Gay Couple Prepare For Christmas

First, some housekeeping. We're going to be a bit light this week. I'm taking Christmas Day and the day after off from Meme. We'll have Briefs every day except Christmas, but we will bring you some content that day. And snicks is liveblogging Days of Our Lives Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. From our dysfunctional AfterElton family to yours, have a great holiday, be it a Merry Christmas or just a day off from work.

When Gareth Thomas visited Mickey Rourke in Los Angeles, he found something that under different circumstances might have been a bit creepy. “I stayed with Mickey for a few weeks in his house. I walked into his living room and he had 10ft framed pictures of me all over his walls. It was so strange. If he wasn’t playing me in the film I would have been a bit freaked out but he said he
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