Is Terry Kinney Elementary’s Moriartty?

  • Boomtron
You will need the skills of Sherlock to determine whether or not upcoming Elementary guest star Terry Kinney is going to be the show’s biggest villain of all. Perhaps to aid in our deduction process, let’s first examine just who this familiar actor is, shall we?

Who is Terry Kinney? He’s one of those actors you see often, and that’s not just due to a great agent. Whenever he appears in a series, he handles his role really well. His longest TV stint was probably as a cast member of Oz in the role of Emerald City Unit Manager Tim McManus.

Kinney has also been a solid member of the main cast on Canterbury’s Law, The Unusuals and NYC 22, which all dealt with law and order. On The Mentalist he recurred for a while as Special Agent Sam Bosco and he has featured in
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