Friday Box-Office: 'Hobbit' #1 Over 'Jack Reacher' and '40'; 'Zero Dark Thirty' is Hot

The only question with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was to ask just how much it would drop after its December opening weekend number of $84.6 million. What's a satisfactory drop with a film that front-loaded? 50%? 55%? After Friday it looks like we might be looking at something of a 62% drop as it brought in $10.2 million to kick off the weekend, onward to something like $32 million once all is said and done. You could look at last weekend's number and note that about $13 million came from midnight screenings and take that out of consideration, at which point we're looking at a 55% drop, but aren't we now just massaging the numbers to make them look better? The box-office story for The Hobbit, however, will be told over the coming weeks. A big drop was to be expected, so now it needs to hold on. We'll see how it does. New in theaters we
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