Best Soundtracks of 2012 (part two)

What makes some film soundtracks transcend from mere background music to helping a director tell a story and help invoke an emotional response? Is it a clever mix of well chosen tunes that capture the zeitgeist or an eclectic mix of older material that either captures a time and place or sets a tone of nostalgia? The answer varies depending on the feature film. 2012 was a fantastic year for original motion picture movie scores but not so good for soundtracks. Still, Simon and I have managed to pull a list of what we feel were the very best.



The second half of Tabu by Portuguese filmmaker Miguel Gomes, is the direct opposite of what came before. Gomez effortlessly shifts gears omitting any audible dialogue except for a persistent (but suave) voice-over narration from one of the characters – combined with lush synchronized ambient sounds, a few sparse foley effects, and
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