The HeyUGuys Interview: Sam (Flash Gordon) Jones Talks Ted

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Sam J. Jones will forever be associated with his iconic role as American football star-turned “saviour of the universe” Flash Gordon. It’s a character which has been firmly ingrained in the pop culture subconscious for decades now, with many fanboys who come of age in that era heartily embracing him.

It clearly made a huge impact on a young Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, who brought the actor back to the big screen, via a wondrous (and strangely touching) performance in this summer’s comedy box office champ, Ted (now available on DVD and Blu-ray).

We recently caught up with the 58 year-old actor and owner of a business which specialises in corporate security and hostage extraction (naturally) to talk about his appearance in Ted and how his role in that 1981 sci-fi extravaganza has shaped his life.

HeyUGuys: Hi Sam. Thanks for taking take out to chat with us today.
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