'Django' Everywhere: Franco Nero to Star in 'Django Lives!,' Listen to the 'Unchained' Soundtrack for Free

Sergio Corbucci's 1966 gunslinger Django was one of several spaghetti Westerns the Italians created during a slump in the American genre. Its success spawned a series of imitators that starred violent, amoral heroes like Django's Franco Nero. The late 1960s saw a slew of "Django" films, although most of them had nothing to do with the original. Now, Quentin Tarantino will add his own work to the oeuvre with Django Unchained, opening Christmas day. Nero makes a cameo appearance (pictured above), but it looks like he'll also be reprising the role that made him famous in yet another Django film. The Italian actor has agreed to star in Django Lives! for producers Eric Zaldivar and Mike Malloy (Eurocrime!, The Scarlet Worm). Slashfilm shared the synopsis, that...

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