"Real Life Superhero Project": Costumed Crime Fighters

From TorontoCatWoman.Com, Sneak Peek Executive Producer Ashton Kutcher's "Real Life Superhero Project", written and directed by Sheldon Candis, featuring authentic costumed crime-fighting vigilantes.

"There is a real subculture of genuine heroes, that bridge the gap between the fantastic and the practical," said Kutcher about the documentary, giving 'special thanks' to the 'Xtreme Justice League', 'Mr. Extreme', 'Urban Avenger', 'Grim' and 'Divine Force' :

"...Kutcher takes a look into the lives of the 'Xtreme Justice League', real-life people in San Diego's 'Gaslamp' District.

"They walk the beat as self-proclaimed 'crime-fighting activists' eager to protect people from evildoers and injustice..."

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