Taylor Swift’s Cat Meredith Stars In Sure-To-Go-Viral Phenomeownon

Taylor's beloved pet/life-partner stars in a pretty cute new video, and I'm about to write 300+ words about it. Watch below! Let's ignore the fact that Taylor Swift posted a video of herself talking about herself listening to herself on the radio. Let's just forget all that. Instead, let's focus on the real star of Tay-Tay's latest viral sensation: Meredith the Cat! She's sassy, she's independent and she's always camera-ready. We've seen videos of Meredith in the past, but never before has she been given so much dialogue. Taylor is clearly grooming her for superstardom. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see Meredith land a lead role in the sequel to the blockbuster-smash Abduction! It would be awkward for Meredith to star alongside Taylor's ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner, but I think the singer would put her personal issues aside for the sake of Meredith's craft. Follow-up Question #1: Are Taylor & Meredith Actually Sisters?
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