The Top 10 Movies Of 2012: Katey's List

One movie on this list I first saw in September of 2011, at the Toronto Film Festival. One I caught just three weeks ago. The #1 movie on this list I only realized I loved months after first seeing it. That's the odd thing about making a top 10 list at an essentially arbitrary date, and with full awareness that your opinion on all of these movies could easily change tomorrow, or in a month, or in a year. No Top 10 is ever truly settled, and most critics I know tend to regret them as soon as they're set. Not just for the films we haven't seen that didn't get included, but for the finality of it, and the nagging knowledge that you're never really going to know your top 10 of any year, period. 2012 was a really, really hard year to sum up in list form, and a top 20 would really be more
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