Rewind TV: The X Factor; The Trouble with Aid; The Killing; The Poison Tree; This World – review

As The X Factor came crashing to a finale, ITV's The Poison Tree was no match for BBC4's departing The Killing. Elsewhere pop stars playing for charity came under scrutiny

Warning: spoiler alert

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This World: Cuba with Simon Reeve (BBC2) | iPlayer

Imagine a world from which irony has been banished, where language has submitted to cliche, emotion is saturated with sentiment, a world in which dreams are prefabricated and Dermot O'Leary is the man in charge. It may sound like a frightening dystopian vision but this is the world of The X Factor and it is inhabited by many millions of happy viewers.

There has been talk that they were less happy this year, that the show was in decline. I can claim no authority on that subject,
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