George Carlin – Remembering A Comedy Icon

As one of America’s greatest ever stand-up comedians, George Carlin spent five decades shining the light on social and political issues, delving into unknown territory and always telling the truth. His brand of comedy shocked, stimulated, educated and ultimately amused his audience. He was a lover of the English language and possessed wicked memorising skills, constructing routines such as ‘Modern man’, hardly taking a breath as he rolled from word to word. A precursor of modern day stand-up, Carlin never stopped grafting away at his craft, producing twenty albums, fourteen HBO specials, writing three best selling books and touring across America with over a hundred live dates a year.

Born on May 12th, 1937, in Manhattan, Carlin was brought up by his mother alone, after his father left when George and his brother were still young. He was raised a Roman Catholic, something that he could not help but rebel
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