New Featurette and Trailer for Jason Statham’s Parker

Jason Statham dresses up as a “Texan” and does a horrific accent in the new actioner “Parker”. Find out why he’s subjecting himself and us to this barbarism in a new trailer and featurette for the upcoming movie, co-starring Jennifer Lopez as some kind of hacker or some such. I suspect “Parker” will go the way of most Statham movies — good but not great, enjoyed by fans of the Stath, but few else. As one of those fans, I don’t mind that one bit. Taylor Hackford of “Proof of Life” and “Ray” fame directs. Parker (Jason Statham) is a professional thief who lives by a personal code of ethics: Don’t steal from people who can’t afford it and don’t hurt people who don’t deserve it. But on his latest heist, his crew double crosses him, steals his stash, and leaves him for dead. Determined
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