The Comic Book Storyline Behind The Justice League Movie Revealed

A few weeks ago, the first real information about the plot of the Justice League film hit when a rumor began circulating that Darkseid would be the villain. To follow up that information, Latino Review has posted a report indicating which specific comic books screenwriter Will Beale is drawing the inspiration for his script from.

The report is extremely specific, and if correct it means the film will be based on three issues of Justice League Of America. The issues are 183-185, all released in 1980. The story of those issues is certainly of the high-stakes this film needs. Summing it up as basically as possible, it involves Darkseid planning the destruction of Earth by blasting it with a ray in order to move his planet, Apokolips, into the Earth’s place.

For a film of this magnitude, it was assumed the crisis would have to be bigger than just affecting Gotham City or Metropolis,
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