Smashed (review)

It’s the other alchoholic-gets-a-wakeup-call movie of 2012, though Smashed is a lot less flashy than Flight: its $500K budget might possibly stretch to cover about two seconds of Flight’s plane-crash FX, but that’s it. And this one -- from director James Ponsoldt, who cowrote with Susan Burke, based partly on her own experiences -- eschews that other film’s swagger and sense of heighted reality to give us a wounded protagonist all of us are much more likely to be able to identify with. I mean, it’s hard to imagine anyone who might wonder whether they should have that third beer or fourth martini being put off by the tale of a hero flyboy who saves hundreds of lives despite the fact that he’s stoned and drunk at the time. But Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) Kate, a down-to-earth Los Angeles elementary school
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