Taylor Swift is 23! Who Should She Date In 2013?

  • TooFab
Reigning princess of music, Taylor Swift, turns 23 today! The constantly-looking-for-love singer has dated almost as many dudes as the number of years she's been alive -- and her pocketbook has benefited from those romantic tales of woe. Swift, who is now a Golden Globe nominee, gave herself a birthday present in the form of a brand new video for "I Knew You Were Trouble" the third single off of her latest album, "Red." And it’s like nothing she’s ever done before! Swift sports a punk-rock look in tattered clothing, pink, hombre dyed hair and follows love-interest Reeve Carney ("Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark" star) through a series of wild-child adventures. "We knew we wanted it to be some sort of corruption — good girl is living her life, going about her, you know, daily life and all of sudden she runs into this force," she told MTV News.
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