This Mutant Life #19: How The 'X-Men' Avoided Doom And Gloom

Bear with me for a paragraph as I talk about something completely unrelated to X-Men... but was anyone else a little bummed out by the first lengthy trailer released for “Man of Steel”?

Excessive slo-mo, platitude-stuffed voiceover, a color palette ripped from a goth portfolio, very obvious aspirations to be Serious. We should all blame Christopher Nolan, it seems, because the success he had with creating a dark, insular vision for Batman has so obviously influenced where DC wants to go with Superman, and not simply because he’s an executive producer on the film. In their search for a filmmaker to adapt one of the most beloved American icons, Warner Bros. went with Zack Snyder, who once scored a slo-motion sex scene to Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah.” Yeah, this is going to turn out great!

It got me thinking: Why, for the most part, have the Marvel movies been
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