Is Morbius Being Lined-Up For Villain Duties For The Amazing Spider-Man 2 And 3?

When it comes to superhero flicks, I’m usually one of first in the cinema queue, even though I know little about most of those characters, other than their comic-book origins and main arch-enemies. Yes, I love the likes of Batman, Spider-man and Superman but wouldn’t class myself in the bracket of ‘geek’. So once again this little nugget of news, I really know bugger all when it comes to villains outside the main crop of baddies.

In the meantime, actor Asim Ahmad has claimed via twitter that he’s set to appear in a small role in Marc Webb’s wall-crawling sequel The Amazing Spider-man 2 as Michael Morbius, the biochemist known for experimenting on himself with vampire bats and electroshock therapy in an attempt to cure a rare blood disorder. As is customary with such individuals, it all went tits-up, turning himself a badass bloodsucker, apparently! Ahmed
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