SAG Awards Analysis: Three things we think we know about the Oscar race

By Sean O’Connell The Oscar race has cleared up over the past few days, with SAG and the Bfca announcing nominations for their respective awards programs (both considered dependable precursors for the Academy Awards). So while SAG threw more than a few curveballs our way in the various categories (um, Nicole Kidman?), there seem to be at least three things we can point to and say, “Yes, we know this to be true about the Oscar race.” Until the next group announces and blows these three theories to smithereens. What, then, do we think we have learned? 1. We have four legitimate frontrunners for Best Picture Four movies earned both Bfca nominations for Best Film and SAG nominations for Outstanding Cast (the equivalent of Best Film). They are “Argo,” “Lincoln,” “Les Miserables” and “Silver Linings Playbook.” I’m comfortable saying that all four of those will earn Best Picture Oscar nods.
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