An Ancient Vampire Awakens - And He's Hungry In This 'Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2' Trailer

...hungry for vengeance, that is. The new trailer promises to follow up where the post-credits sequence in "Lords of Shadow" left off with ahoy] Gabriel Belmont in modern-ish day Europe.

And it's giving me chills.

After taking down the powerful demons in the 2010 game, the trailer shows Gabriel wreaking havoc between the conclusion of "Lords of Shadow" and the present day. The question is: when will "Lords of Shadow 2" take place? And how will (if at all) will his son figure into the storyline? Is this a case where we'll have to play the 3Ds bridging title "Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate" to get more info?

From the sound of it, Robert Carlyle ("Trainspotting," "Once Upon A Time") will be reprising his role as Gabriel, and I'm very cool with that.

It's been a while since we had a sweeping game with a massively powerful vampire protagonist out front
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