Kevin Smith Says The Avengers is Better Than The Dark Knight Rises

Everyone knows that Kevin Smith is a huge comic book fan, mostly of DC characters. That's why he was so excited to see "The Dark Knight Rises." But now that the year is coming to an end, Smith has revealed that he liked "The Avengers" a lot more. He said that he thought "Iron Man" was the perfect movie, but after Jon Favreau wasn't hired to direct "The Avengers," he basically gave up on the film. His fears were confirmed when he finally watched it and saw things that he thought were silly, like Loki being able to turn people evil simply by touching them with his stick. His negative point of view quickly changed when Hulk made an appearance. "I was like, 'The Hulk is amazing.' The next time I watched ['The Avengers'], I was totally into it," Smith explained. He continued: "I never would have thought I would have
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