The Remnants Of Humanity Fight For Survival In Danish SciFi Exodus

Though it would have been inconceivable to suggest even five years ago the Nordic countries now appear to be embracing bold, high concept science fiction in a way they never have before. And a project very much worth keeping an eye on is director Tommy Ipsen's Exodus. Produced by Richard Georg Engström with support from the Danish Film Institute Exodus is a proposed sci-fi fantasy project for multi media platforms (film, tv series, games, novels) currently wrapping a feature film pilot to present at the Berlin Film Festival 2013 starring Thomas Chaanhing, Cyron Melville (A Royal Affair, The Killing), Brigitte Nielsen (yes, the former Mrs Stallone), Matias Varela (Snabba Cash / Easy Money) and Kristofer Hivju who starred in the remake of The Thing and...
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