When Justin Bieber Was Kidrauhl: A Look at the Bieb’s First Video

  • Tubefilter News
Before true-Beliebers were caught on camera acting like hyper-caffeinated caged animals during feeding time, before a gazillion YouTube views, Twitter followers, Billboard Top 100 hits, awards, TV appearances, and Benjamins, Canadian crooner and multi-instrumentalist Justin Drew Bieber was just a small-town lad who dreamed of being on the cover of Forbes Magazine smiling next to Oprah and the Queen. So, how does the son of a single mom who grew up in low-income housing become one of the most powerful forces of pop culture on the planet? Check it out: 1. Keep it real. As Bieber's manager and discoverer Scooter Braun told Forbes, “Don’t try and put in special editing. Just let the kid sing and play his guitar and if he’s the real deal the kids will run with it because they’ll feel like it’s theirs, and have their own self-discovery.” Of course, this assumes your kid
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