The Rise And Heartbreaking Fall of Doctor Who

2010. Steven ‘The Moff’ Moffat, the astoundingly-talented author of modern Who classics such as the intriguing ‘The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances’, the heartrending ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ and the, frankly, magnificent ‘Blink’, was about to show us what he could do.

The man responsible for omnisexual philanderer Captain Jack Harkness, the mysterious Professor River Song and the outrageously hot Sally Sparrow, was about to take the reins.

Steven ‘like a Moff to a flame’ Moffat, the BAFTA award-winning, fairy-tale obsessed, lifelong Who fanboy, was about to take over the year.

And take the year, he did. Although we were not quite at the point of ‘David who?’ but considering the shoes that Matt Smith had to fill, I think he did an extremely good job.

We were introduced to our new, deceptively young Doctor in stunning style, with the series’ visual effects looking superb. Matt Smith came bounding out of the Tardis,
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