The Walking Dead: season three, episode eight

This half-season concluded on a real cliffhanger – and guarantees that viewers will be back for more gore in February

Spoiler Alert: This blog is for people watching season three of The Walking Dead on FX. Don't read on if you haven't seen episode eight – and if you've seen later episodes, please do not leave spoilers.

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Made To Suffer

A great finish to this half-season. The show has really raised its game over these eight episodes: the action has been increased; the threat of death, either from zombies or from other living people, has been constant and punishing; the dialogue has been streamlined; and it's been pretty ruthless with characters. And this mid-series finale didn't disappoint. There were the usual moments where it would have been good if certain characters had spoken up, but the whole thing was so desperate and fast-paced they were barely a distraction.
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