'American Horror Story: Asylum': Jessica Lange talks Sister Jude and the 'interesting challenge' of TV

After Jessica Lange won an Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG award for her brilliant work in the first "American Horror Story" miniseries, it only makes sense she's become the star of the show in its second installment, "American Horror Story: Asylum."

Over the course of eight episodes, viewers have seen Sister Jude shift from the domineering head of Catholic church-run mental institution Briarcliff, to an underdog battling for the forces of good in a world full of evil (Nazis, skin-wearing serial killers, demonic possessions and the like).

Not even Lange knew the twists and turns Jude's story would take this season, and she likes it that way. After Jude emerged victorious from a vicious battle with guest star Ian McShane's killer Santa this week, Lange says the bad guys better watch their backs. "Everything gets put in motion as far as Briarcliff and the demise of that institution," Lange says about what's coming next.
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