Deadfall Review - Eric Bana combines violence and charisma as a casino robber in fun, fast-paced movie

Review of Deadfall starring Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde and Charlie Hunnam Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde are sibling crooks but Bana steals the show. Bad brother Addison (Eric Bana) and his pretty little sister Liza (Olivia Wilde) are sibling crooks plotting a getaway to Canada after their casino robbery turns out badly due to an unexpected car accident in Austrian director Stefan Ruzowitzky’s fast-paced and fun-to-watch crime thriller Deadfall. The fiery sparks of tension between Addison and Liza are the centerpiece of Ruzowitzky’s getaway drama, especially as matters turn complicated with the arrival of a former Olympic boxer named Jay (Charlie Hunnam) who offers Liza shelter from a blizzard; Jay’s unsuspecting parents (Sissy Spacek and Kris Kristofferson) and a local sheriff (Treat Williams) and his FBI cadet daughter (Kate Mara) out to capture the crooks. Still, the one collaboration that matters most throughout Deadfall (titled Blackbird in
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