Script News: Jumanji, Dog, Armada

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"Stranger Than Fiction" and "Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium" scribe Zach Helm is set to pen the reimagining of "Jumanji" at Sony Pictures.

Matt Tolmach and Bill Teitler are producing this new adaptation of the Chris Van Allsburg book about a magical board game that unleashes jungle forces into our world.

Dog Stars

Constantin Film has acquired film rights to the Peter Heller's apocalyptic novel "The Dog Stars." Robert Kulzer and Margo Klewans will produce.

Set after a global pandemic has wiped out much of the populous, the story follows a pilot, his old dog and his neighbor who survive in an airport hangar, fending off encroaching dangers.


"Ready Player One" author Ernie Cline has sold feature film rights to his high-concept next novel, "Armada," to Universal, Bluegrass Films and Farah Films.

Based on a 20-page proposal, all that's known of the story is that it deals
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