Donald Trump and Alan Sugar's Twitter fight – blow-by-blow

The Apprentice stars faced off in spectacular fashion this week. It all started with wind turbines and then, oh dear, Piers Morgan got involved

Step aside, Cheryl Cole and Cher Lloyd. Out of the way, Lily Allen and Courtney Love. Move along, Chris Brown and the entire world. When it comes to ridiculous celebrity Twitter spats, there's a new daddy in town.

In the red corner, representing New York, the silliest faction of American Republicans and haircuts that look like monkey bottoms: Donald Trump. In the blue corner, representing corrugated iron industrial parks, pronouncing the word "bloody" as if it has the letter A in it and a million Amstrad Em@iler jokes: Lord Alan Sugar. The pair seem to have been circling each other for months now, both in terms of letting the world know they don't watch the other's version of The Apprentice and starting witless online squabbles
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