Star Trek: Cumberbatch is truly tantalising

With the debut trailer out, big questions remain about the bad guy Cumberbatch is playing in his first big Hollywood role

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Jj Abrams' Star Trek was something of a surprise treat three years ago, impressively reinvigorating a tired franchise that seemed to have nowhere to go, boldly or otherwise. It may have rubbed purists' noses up the wrong way with its space opera leanings and focus on intense action, yet it delivered a full-blooded vision of extra-planetary conflict like nothing seen before on the big screen while dropping a respectful nod in the direction of its predecessors.

Sequel Star Trek Into Darkness is out in May and the four-year gap alone would have been enough to suggest optimism, Abrams having pointedly refused to sign on until a decent script was in place. The recruitment of Benedict Cumberbatch to play the
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