A 'Girls on Film' Holiday Gift Guide Full of Female-Centric Cinematic Goodies

Girls on Film is a weekly column that tackles anything and everything pertaining to women and cinema. It can be found here every Thursday night, and be sure to follow the Girls on Film Twitter Feed for additional femme-con. It’s easy to hate the Christmas-centric holiday season. The safe cushion of Thanksgiving is gone, and the marketing machine has descended with full, money-sucking force. Irascible rants about commercialization are unavoidable after the umpteenth commercial, or even worse, the way Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta co-opted Grease moves to make their wildly unpalatable and attention-seeking Christmas album seem like a good thing. But underneath all that muck is great, mid-winter magic that keeps the dark, December doldrums at bay – holiday alchemy...

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