Madonna Badger Saw Visions Of Dead Daughters After Chrismas Fire

The grieving mom, who lost all three of her daughters last Christmas in a tragic house fire, revealed in a Dec. 6 interview on 'Today' she thought she was 'going nuts' after her girls spoke to her from the dead -- watch the emotional video below. Madonna Badger experienced inexplicable tragedy on Christmas Day, 2011 when the large house she shared caught fire in the middle of the night -- and killed her three young daughters, as well as her parents. Now, almost a year later, Madonna revealed to Matt Lauer on Today how she dealt with such devastating loss. "When I pray, I see my children. Lily came to me very early on and said, 'Don't worry, Mommy, I'm right there in your heart and I love you,'" she said. She added that visions of her daughters happened often -- and helped comfort her. "Once when I was having a
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