Deena Cortese Reveals Why She Had Anxiety On ‘Jersey Shore’

There are only three episodes of 'Jersey Shore' left Ever and star Deena spilled to Exclusively what happens in the final episodes, why she was so emotional this season and how Snooki is doing as a new mom! Every episode of Jersey Shore is filled with drama and housemate Deena Cortese definitely had her share of hard times this season -- she was arrested for being drunk and disorderly, had major anxiety being away from her boyfriend, and lost her party animal "meatball" -- partner-in-crime, Snooki Polizzi, who was pregnant while the show taped. Watch our new interview below! Deena Talks Weight Loss Deena recently dropped some weight and looked even more amazing on this season of Jersey Shore. Her new favorite workout? Pole dancing! Deena tells Exclusively that to get the confidence to try the workout, you just have to go for it!
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