"Survivor" Recap: Serve Us Justice, Please

Since this was a Survivor episode about important things like God's plan and Lisa's hot brother, allow me to begin with an important confession: I rooted against Malcolm last night. Now stop crying! Listen up! I'm no turncoat and I still want to bathe in his gnarled locks, but it's hard not to sympathize with underlings Lisa and Skupin, who are still semi-oblivious to how sealed their fates are. We're all having such a good time with this delicious Survivor season that we're forgetting how Malcolm and Denise remain this game's unholy, yet even-keel sorcerers. Yes, Denise was almost eliminated last week, but thanks to the control that she and Malcolm exert over Lisa, she's still dominating this island with the sheer force of her 31-pound frame. If Lisa and Skupin have any sense, they'll recruit Abi to vote off Malcolm or Denise next week. But is that even possible?
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