TV on Tap: "Mindy" Scores an "Office" Reunion with B.J.Novak and Viewers Could Create the Opening for "Bates Motel"

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It's the return of Tammy on tonight's Parks & Recreation.


Can an Office reunion with Bj Novak keep my fading interest in The Mindy Project from completely disappearing? (Vulture reports that he'll appear in two episodes.)

One of my favorite TV critics, NPR's Linda Holmes notes the high levels of violence in many of the critical favorites of the past several years.

Disney thinks ratings for Dancing with the Stars dropped this season because viewers tune in for trainwrecks and an All-Star season meant that the dancers were too good. All-Star or not, wasn't that the point of bringing back Bristol Palin and Kirstie Alley?

While officially, PBS says it trusts its audience to stick around and wait for new episodes of Downton Abbey when they air stateside, the broadcaster would like to shorten the wait time so that episodes can air soon after their UK debut.

I've loved the
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