'Top Chef Seattle' recap: C.J. Jacobson packs his knives again with Tyler Wiard in double elmination

"Top Chef Seattle" is back with another surprise double elimination -- and this time, no winner.

As the episode opens, we find out it's Stefan Richter's birthday, and he's worried this is the day he'll be kicked off. "When I was competing in New York," he says, "everybody got kicked off on their birthday, and I was like 'birthday curse' -- f**k, no. I don't want to go home on my fortieth birthday."

Forewarning? Hmm ... turns out, not so much.

Quick-Fire Challenge

The cheftestants meet Padma Lakshmi and guest judge, Seattle chef Daisley Gordon at Pike's Place Market. The chefs are told to divide into teams of two, and as usual, some are less than pleased with the chef they've been stuck with. They're told their challenge is to make break fast to go ... on a stick, for 50 of the market's workers. They're given one hour to set
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